The predecessor of GLOVER GROUP CO LTD was a private company founded in 1991. Our company as it is today was established in 2001. We have our own premises and warehouse facilitating the importation and distribution of lighting and low-voltage systems in Hungary and neighbouring countries. Today we are a major player in this field and maintain this position alongside the dynamic development of our high voltage import arm. Our operations also include the marketing of LED lights for industrial application such as public lighting and dust-proof fluorescent lamps. In order further to enhance the quality of our service we have opened an office in China. We have excellent relations with Chinese production companies and offer bilateral commercial development advice and opportunities. Over many years of hard work we have earned our customers’ and distributors’ recognition and appreciation. Thus, today we supply major companies throughout the region. Our close relations with warehouses, distributors and hypermarkets demonstrate our position in the market. We achieve our goals through our confidence in our success and our total commitment to our company.

Real estate development


Real estate activity has started in Hungary and Slovakia, buying
immovables, and sale after renewal.


Our dynamic growth of success and achievement

We are happy that our buon guides philosophy and day-to-day working methods are in line with those of our customers. We put the emphasis on a fair long-term relationship allied to a wide product range, fast and flexible supply, and our colleagues’ positive and co-operative approach.


Warranty repair and further maintenance

We offer the highest standards of maintenance at our premises. There we can very effectively fulfil both warranty and non-warranty commitments. With the help of our testline, we can minimise the number of malfunctions in our LED products so maximising the quality of our service.


Our products currently on the market

– LED public lighting, LED SMD fluorescent lamps, LED coloured outdoor displays

– LED public light sources

– Mirror-gridded lights, dust-proof fluorescent lamps, fluorescent ceiling lamps and other lamps and light sources – Coaxial cables, low voltage cables, accessories

– Sockets, extension cables, surge protectors, timers

– Indoor antennae, terrestrial antennae, digital receivers

– Connectors, splitters, amplifiers